How to Immigrate To Canada from India

A Complete Guide To Migrate to Canada From India

Can you imagine waking up every day far away from the noisy traffic of the city? Amid breathtaking scenery, fresh, beautiful air, lakes, and rivers? Waking up every day to the sound of many different kinds of birds? If all this seems like a dream holiday destination to you and you want to spend your life like this, migrating to Canada is what you should consider!

Canada is the best country in the world to migrate to! The economy, the health care system, education, cultural diversity, and the food- everything about Canada is the heartiest invitation to become a citizen of Canada!

Deciding to move to a new country can be a thrilling experience. Living in a new culture, meeting new people, adjusting to new laws, and exploring new places are exactly what is needed to start or restart your life. If you have plans to settle abroad, choosing a welcoming country is crucial. Although most modern-day countries are quite warm when it comes to accepting immigrants, a few countries like Canada wholeheartedly accept immigrants every year from India.

What makes Canada the most popular destination for Immigrants?

According to recent research, Canada ranks 1 in the top five Nations for family immigration. 

This statement is supported by Canada’s very powerful history of accepting migrants from India. The people of Indian origin are the most accomplished divisions of Canadian society. Not only the communities but even the climate, the environment, the geography, and the laws of Canada are very welcoming. The landscapes leave you in awe; there is an excellent universal healthcare system, Canada provides free primary education, it also houses some of the greatest universities in the world, and in general, the rate of crime and violence is low, and the standard of living is high.

The Government of Canada offers The Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP). Under this program, the Government of Canada gives government-assisted refugees “immediate and essential support for their most basic needs.”

These favours are given to encourage migration. The basic parts of this include:

  • An official will be greeting you at the airport,
  • You will be provided with temporary housing,
  • The government will also help you with finding permanent housing,
  • You will be given all the help you need to register for mandatory federal and provincial programs,
  • You will be given an orientation to the community to help you get acquainted with basic survival. 
  • You can also get personal help in the area of finance.

The Canadian government also provides income support under the RAP for a year to those refugees who cannot pay for their own basic needs. 

How can I apply for Immigration to Canada from India?

1. Express Entry System

The express entry system is an immigration management system in Canada for skilled workers. This express entry system is managed online, and it has three immigration programs:

Canadian experience class- to be eligible for this program, you must have Canadian work experience. It is also essential that you gain this Canadian work experience in 3 years before applying for the program.

Federal skilled worker program- you can be eligible for this program if you meet the criteria for education and other factors. This program is for those skilled workers who have a work experience in any other country except Canada.

Federal skilled trades program- for this program, your eligibility depends on your being qualified in a skilled trade. To opt for this program, you must have a valid job offer or at least a certificate of qualification.

The steps you need to follow to immigrate to Canada through the express entry program are as mentioned below:

  • Find out if you are eligible for the express entry or not
  • If you are eligible, check your CRS score
  • Get all of your documents ready
  • Fill out your express entry profile
  • Soon you will get an invitation and will be able to apply

2. Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee program is for those workers who possess the skill set, educational qualification, and work experience to contribute to the economy of a Canadian province or territory want. In addition, they must live in that specific province or territory and have plans to be permanent residents of Canada.

Each province and territory of Canada (except Quebec) has its own “streams.” These streams are various targets that the Canadian government attracts (for example, students, business people, skilled workers, etc.)

You will need to apply to the PNP depending on which Provincial Nominee Program stream you’re applying to. There are 2 processes- the paper-based process and the online process through Express Entry.

A medical exam and a police check (certificate) are common steps for both processes.

Once your profile is made, you need to undertake the flowing steps:

  • You need to choose a province or territory and then go to their website to contact them directly
  • The criteria outlined by province and territory vary from one to another and may even change without notice.

3. Quebec Immigration

If you want to permanently reside in Quebec as a citizen, you cannot enter through the express entry system. Out of all provinces and territories, Quebec has a special agreement on the laws of immigration with the Government of Canada. Through its own set of rules, Quebec determines which immigrants are fit and will adapt well to living there.

Those skilled workers who want to become permanent residents of Canada and live in Quebec must apply in the following 2 stages:

  • You will need to apply to the Government of Quebec for a Quebec Selection Certificate. This certificate shows that the Province of Quebec has accepted you as an immigrant.
  • Then, the Province of Quebec will assess you using its own rules.

If the Province of Quebec finds you fit and chooses you as its resident, you will receive a CSQ. Once you have got the CSQ, you must apply to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada to get permanent residence.

4. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program:

The Atlantic Immigration Program is an immigration scheme that gives permanent residence to skilled foreign workers and international graduates from a Canadian institution. They must also work and reside permanently in 1 of Canada’s 4 Atlantic provinces: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, or Newfoundland and Labrador. The program helps employers hire qualified candidates for jobs they haven’t been able to fill locally.

5. Family Sponsorship:

If you have a relative living in Canada as a permanent resident of Canada, they can sponsor you. It works the other way around as well. The only criteria for such sponsorship would be:

You must be a Canadian citizen:

  • Or a person registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act or
    permanent resident of Canada
    You must be at least 18 years of age

To get the family sponsorship immigration certificate, you must be able to:

  • support the dependent immigrants financially
  • make sure you or they don’t need any social assistance from the government in the process of migration

6. Business Immigration:

This immigration program is for those successful business people seeking new opportunities and challenges and planning to set up their business in Canada. The Business Immigration Program is designed to encourage and facilitate the migration of such immigrants. Canada is very supportive of promoting businesses since it creates employment opportunities for Canadians. Both the federal and provincial/territorial governments encourage the immigration of such individuals. Canada offers a wide range of services to help immigrants start businesses and easily settle in Canada.

What is the process to Immigrate to Canada from India?

Canada is one of the easiest countries to migrate to since both the law and the country’s social structure are very welcoming. Though there are many different channels through which you can apply for immigration in Canada, here is a basic framework of the steps that are common to all paths ways:

  • First of all, you need to check your eligibility criteria if you want to immigrate to Canada from India.
  • If you are eligible for the application, you must submit the IELTS certification and get the education credential assessment done.
  • The next step is where you create an express entry profile on the official website of the Government of Canada.
  • Meanwhile, you also need to arrange for all the documents required for you to receive your invitation to apply.
  • You will have to submit your visa application within 60 days of receiving an ITA.
  • Before any further process, you will also have to submit your medical test reports and PCC reports.
  • The last process is getting the Visa stamping done, and you are all set to immigrate to Canada from India.

What are the eligibility criteria to Immigrate to Canada from India?

Under normal circumstances, if you want to migrate to Canada from India, 6 eligibility factors are considered by the Canadian government.

The above-listed points are selection factors for the express entry immigration scheme by the Canadian government:

Age: you must be at least 18 years of age to apply for Canadian citizenship. Though there is no upper age limit, the ones falling in the range of 18 to 35 are mostly preferred.

Education: you must have passed at least higher secondary as this is the minimum qualification, and you must also have an educational credential assessment done by an approved assessing authority. Apart from this, you may also be demanded to produce some increased capabilities depending upon the occupation you choose to pursue in Canada. These verifications and assessments are done strictly as per Canadian education standards.

Work experience: You must have at least a one your experience of full-time work within 10 years to be eligible for the FSW program, at least 2 years of full-time work experience in a skilled trade within 5 years to qualify for the FST program, and at least 1 year of skilled work experience in Canada in the last 3 years to qualify for the CEC program

Language ability: Since English and French are the most widely spoken languages in Canada, you must have fluency in at least one of the languages. You will also need to provide the approved test result to claim your language ability points in English or French.

Adaptability: You can get adaptability points for your spouse’s past education or any other family members association with a Canadian institute or a workplace in the past.

Arranged: If you have a job offer in your hand, or as a student, if you have a scholarship or an admission letter from any of the universities, your chance of getting Canadian citizenship is higher

Here, it must be noted that the eligibility criteria may change under exceptional cases of family matters or abuse or health of an individual. You may also need to apply through another immigration scheme offered by the Canadian government.


  • Is it easy to migrate to Canada from India?

Yes, Migration to Canada from India is one of the easiest migrations.

  • How much does it cost to immigrate to Canada from India?

The cost distribution is as mentioned in the table below:

Charges applied for Amount in CAD$ Amount in INR
Canada PR Fee for Primary Applicant 850 INR 50,672
Right of PR Fee 515 INR 30,701
Spouse or Partner processing fee 850 INR 50,672
Dependent Child (Per child) 230 INR 13,711
IELTS Test fees INR 13,250
* ECA from WES fees – Approx.-(including courier charge) 240 INR 14,301
Medical Test INR 5,500 (varies from place to place)
PCC Fees INR 1000 (varies from place to place)
  • How can an Indian permanently settle in Canada?

An Indian can permanently settle in Canada by applying for immigration through any methods mentioned earlier.

  • Can I move to Canada without a job?

You can move to Canada without a job- for studies, as a refugee, or under the sponsorship of a family member.

  • How much bank balance is required for Canada PR?

The fees of PR may be anywhere around 40-50 thousand INR. This is apart from all the other tests and documents that need verification. So you must keep this in mind and keep your account balance healthy.

  • What is the best age to immigrate to Canada?

Though you can immigrate to Canada at any age, if you migrate to Canada in your youth, you have more opportunities and can explore and adapt better.

  • Can we buy Canadian PR?

Canadian Residence is a government program under which an individual must invest CAD 1.2 million for five years at no interest (0%). If you can do so, you do not “buy” the CR but can be repaid in full at the end of the investment period and will also have CR in hand.

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