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Business Immigration Programmes

There are several Federal Business Immigration Programs designed to fit the skills and experience of successful business persons who want to settle in any province except Quebec.

Each province and territory operates its own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), many of which have a stream for candidates with entrepreneurial or management experience. The eligibility criteria and application procedure for each PNP stream vary, but successful applicants will invariably receive a provincial nomination. This provincial nomination then generally permits the applicant to submit an application for permanent residence at the federal level.

Documents Required for Canada Business Visa

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Frequently Asked Questions

Canada is making the process of immigrating to Canada easier for international entrepreneurs through its Start-Up Visa Program.

To be eligible for the Start Up Visa, you must show that your business idea has been approved by a designated investor organization. You also need to meet language requirements and prove that your ownership meets those qualifications as well. Finally, you will need settlement funds in order to qualify

No, you do not need to invest your own money, the investment needs to come from a designated venture capital or an angel investor.

If you’re interested in becoming a permanent resident of Canada as a self-employed individual, be sure to have relevant experience and interest in cultural activities or athletics. You also must demonstrate the willingness and ability to make significant contributions to either field here.

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