Top 10 Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

The benefits of Canadian citizenship open up several perks not available to everyone with Canada PR (permanent residency). By making this transition, you become eligible to vote, get more job opportunities, travel more conveniently, and so on.

As reported in 2021, over 8 million immigrants in Canada have citizenship, which is estimated to be 21.5% of the total population. With the annual immigration program, more than 300,000 immigrants have been welcomed to the maple leaf country every year.

10 Advantages of Canadian Citizenship

Here are the most relevant reasons why you should apply for Canadian citizenship:

1. No need to renew status

Permanent Resident Cards acquired by immigrants to live and work in Canada need a renewal every 5 years. The card is proof that the immigrant has the eligibility to apply for jobs, travel internationally, and have the eligibility of being a valuable immigrant. Once PR is replaced with citizenship, you no longer need to pay renewal fees.

2. Approval to run for political office and vote

Canadian citizenship officially makes you a resident of Canada and gives you voting rights for both provincial and national elections. You also have the authority to hold office and represent the nation on issues like education, foreign policy, tax, etc.

3. Convenience of travel

Canadian citizenship travel benefits are greater than several other countries making your visit visa-free across 185 international destinations. Moreover, Canada allows you to have dual citizenship, so you also have the right to retain the passport from your home country.

4. Easy entry and exit

Moving is one of the flexible benefits of Canadian Citizenship because you can enter and leave conveniently. If you only have PR, you must go through several processes and present various travel documents to re-enter. With citizenship, the process is smoother and quicker.

5. Staying abroad without affecting Canadian citizenship

If you are a permanent resident, you can be out of Canada for 3 years out of 5 years before another renewal. However, citizens receive an extended period without any major impact on their citizenship.

Note that to be eligible for provincial health coverage, one needs to stay in Canada for a specific period. The timespan differs from one province to another. 

6. Having permanent citizenship

Once you receive Canadian citizenship, you can rarely get it banned. Such circumstances may usually happen when an individual has falsified documents to obtain citizenship.

Becoming a citizen will allow you to receive social benefits like healthcare coverage, job opportunities, and protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

7. More Job Opportunities In Canada

Among all the financial benefits of Canadian citizenship, the best part is knowing that you are open to more job opportunities than before! You can apply for unelected government jobs and ones that need a security clearance. These opportunities are unavailable with permanent residency.

8. Consular support when abroad

One of the best benefits of Canadian citizenship is getting consular support across 100 countries. In another country, you may face problems like losing documents and belongings, requiring urgent assistance, etc.

Canada can assist you across Europe, Africa, South Pacific, Southeast, and Central Asia. The Canadian embassies present across these regions will help you resolve your problems.

9. Your children get Canadian citizenship

One of the best social benefits of Canadian citizenship is knowing that your children automatically obtain citizenship even if they were not born there. This opens up endless opportunities like free education and healthcare.

10.  Job opportunities not limited by a province

With Canadian mobility rights as of Section 6 mentioned in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, citizens can move freely within the country for better opportunities. You are not limited to living and working in a particular province, which is not flexible with the provincial nominee program under Canada PR.

Final thoughts

As a Canadian citizen, you are entitled to pay taxes and follow the law levied by the federal, municipal, and provincial levels. Apply for Canadian citizenship today and avail all the mentioned benefits to make your life more comfortable. Our Immigration Experts will help you out in the best way possible.

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