5 Best Province to Live in Canada

When choosing the best cities to live in Canada, one usually considers Toronto and Vancouver due to their urbanization. However, one must look beyond British Columbia and Ontario when considering the best province to live in Canada.

Yes! It is undeniable that these two provinces are dream destinations for most Canadian PR applicants, but they might not be ideal for you. While they are the top two provinces to live in, you have to consider aspects like housing facilities, job opportunities, climate conditions, and more.

Here, we will give you a list of the best province to live in Canada and the determinants that make immigrants prefer moving there.

What you will learn?

Why apply for Canada PR?

Canada is one of the best places to live in the world due to its unlimited opportunities, growth potential, urbanization, and strong industrialized economy.

Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, with a high standard of living and decreasing taxes. With a 5.3% inflation rate, it is one of the most favourable places to live and prosper.

Covering an area of 9.8 million square kilometres, it marks the second-largest country with over 37 million residents. Since Canada is currently welcoming 400,000 new permanent residents every year till 2023, it provides an excellent opportunity to relocate.

The country boasts a rich cosmopolitan culture that thrives in harmony irrespective of age, gender, religion, and ethnicity.

Canada is hugely environment conscious, boasting of varied flora and fauna, making it a habitable place to live. Moreover, Canada has a strong prominence in terms of security, stability, healthcare, education, and high-quality of life.

Best province to live in Canada

Check out the following list to determine the best state to live in Canada depending on your preference and opportunities:

1. Ontario

Ontario is on top priority for a majority of Canada PR applicants. Around 50% of the total number of immigrants that moved to Canada in 2021 chose to live in Ontario.

The reason that makes Ontario the best province to live in Canada is that it is an economic powerhouse. The capital city of Toronto is one of the liveliest places to live. It is a culturally diverse metropolitan city that attracts professionals looking to build a strong career graph.

Many compare the lifestyle of Toronto with New York because residents know how to work hard on weekdays and enjoy laidback weekends. However, the standard of living is high, making it a less popular option for raising a family. The province has an excellent education system welcoming international students to top universities.

While Toronto is most attractive to immigrants, many prefer living in Ottawa, London, and Mississauga as well.

Ontario has the lowest rate of unemployment in Canada. However, career opportunities are not the only attraction. It is a beautiful place to live with picturesque mountainous, beaches, lakes, national parks, and forests.

People who dream of indulging in the Canadian lifestyle would consider this one the best province to live in Canada. If you are looking to meet people from diverse ethnicities and want something new to learn every day, this is where you should stay!

Ontario is the best province to live in Canada for Indian nationalists given the increasing scale of the Indo-Canadian community in Toronto. Indo-Canadians have been contributing to Ontario’s economic engine for a significant period and made it a multicultural melting-pot. With premium expertise in IT, engineering, finance, and marketing, Ontario is the perfect home to India’s ‘crème de la crème.’

2. British Columbia

British Columbia is situated on the west coast of Canada and offers a mild climate to live in with manageable snowfall during winters. From beautiful green landscapes to stunning beaches and mountains, this place comes second when considering the best province to live in Canada.

In 2021, a majority of immigrants chose British Columbia as their home after Ontario. The foremost aspect to consider when planning to move is the high standard of living. Yes! It is pretty expensive, especially if one decides to stay in Vancouver.

It is the most popular city in the province and also the largest. With mountains on the backdrop and the Pacific Ocean in front, Vancouver is nothing less than a paradise to live in. This place makes quite an impressive metropolitan hub with immense job opportunities and cultural variation.

Victoria comes right after Vancouver for immigration. With a slower pace, older charm, and exquisite geographical variation, this is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Some more places of interest would include Chilliwack, Kelowna, and Kamloops.

Education, public services, and transportation is well funded by the province. There are excellent international schools and private colleges in Vancouver. However, the cost of living here is the highest, and so are the taxes.

Immigrants require a minimum annual salary of CA$50,000 to sustain a living for one person. Individuals planning to immigrate with their families will need at least CA$120,000 to sustain here.

The economy of British Columbia is diverse but primarily dominated by service industries. There is an excellent prominence of agriculture, forestry, and fishery. It is also famous for high technology, mining, manufacturing, film and television, and tourism.

3. Quebec

Quebec is the third best province to live in Canada because it is culturally rich, provides career opportunities, and is comparatively cheaper to live in than Ontario and British Columbia. It has a significant French influence and dominance of language usage as well.

The lifestyle in Quebec is different from the rest of Canada. It also has a separate PR process, unlike others. While the province has an American outlook, the traits retain European influence.

The two most popular cities in Quebec are Montreal and Quebec City. While you will find an influence of modern lifestyle amidst the hustle-bustle of the cities, people also like a laidback pace to enjoy life.

Quebec is the biggest province in terms of size and is famous for maple syrup production, friendly people, and rich culture. One downside why many don’t prefer moving here is severe cold.

Families choose Quebec to raise children to give them the best education and values. The outdoor life is exciting, making it a hub for ice hockey and skating to keep children active in sports.

With quality healthcare and transportation, Quebec is the best option to have a Canadian life while staying on a budget. Thus, it is the best province to live in Canada for families.

Job opportunities in this province are diverse, with prominence in the manufacturing and service industries. It is also great for ICT, AI, health tech, agriculture, finance, and insurance.

4. Alberta

When considering Prairie regions, Alberta is the best province to live in Canada for international students and families alike. Located in the center of Canada, Alberta offers you a traditional vibe amidst farming culture. Life in Alberta comes with an exclusive charm as you enjoy harvest parties, relish locally grown food and beverages, dress up as cowboys, or simply attend rodeos. The city also has a low crime rate making it a safe option.

Calgary is the primary city that attracts immigrants and has fantastic transportation and infrastructural facilities. It is a great province to raise children and get them interested in sports.

Calgary is the third-largest urban area in Canada and happens to be the cleanest city in the world. The economy of the city highly depends on the oil industry and is also the reason behind its rapid growth.

Alberta has job opportunities for varied professions. People with banking, finance, logistics, transportation, engineering, mechanics, and technology backgrounds will benefit from living here. People planning to start their entrepreneurial journey can settle in Alberta as well.

Alberta is progressive in terms of education with excellent infrastructure and top-notch facilities. From playgrounds to horse-riding classes, families find this province suitable to enhance the learning experience for their children.

With more and more immigrants choosing Calgary, the unemployment rate is decreasing. Moreover, with a comparatively low cost of living, it is a lucrative option for raising a family and making money.

After Calgary, people choose to relocate to Edmonton. It is the capital of the province and the second-most populous too. Edmonton keeps everyone engaged all the time with exciting activities. With more than 30 annual festivals, this city is a lively place to immerse in Canadian culture.

Alberta boasts of fantastic weather and has the sunniest cities in Canada. However, it is essential to note that the weather is extreme as winters can be as cold as -51 degrees Celsius, and summers can be 35 degrees Celsius.

5. Nova Scotia

With low property prices and a tranquil environment, this east-coast province is ideal for many immigrants. Nova Scotia is green and clean, has a low crime rate, and is peaceful to relocate.

Hunting, fishing, and trawling draw significant money in this province. It is perfect for professionals who can work remotely. Many Canadians create a massive retirement fund to live the older days amidst the beauty of this province.

Halifax is the top spot to live here, and dwellers receive a blend of urban and rural culture. With a comparatively low cost of living, this place is perfect for settling down and having a family.

Immigrants with a background in agriculture can flourish here. However, growing here could be challenging if looking to climb the corporate ladder.

How to choose the best province to live in?

Now that you have the list of the top five provinces to live in Canada, you must shortlist which one is perfect for you. Every section is distinct in terms of job opportunities, weather, and lifestyle. Here are some aspects to keep in mind to shortlist the one ideal for you:

1. Job opportunities

Professionals looking for immense growth opportunities prefer living in provinces like Ontario and British Columbia. However, with a high standard of living, one must ensure they can sustain, save, and grow in places like these. Your chances of scaling a corporate career graph are high, and your lifestyle will demand a certain extravagance. One must note that getting a PR visa for provinces like Ontario and British Columbia will require significant work experience and caliber to confirm chances of sustainability.

2. Weather

While most people do not prioritize weather when choosing places to live in Canada, winters in this country are unignorable. They can last for six months and might be difficult for people relocating from warmer climates like India. Canada requires immigrants to bear with the cold, irrespective of where they choose to stay.

3. Lifestyle

Immigrants desire a particular lifestyle when planning to move to another country. Thus, you will want to consider the kind of life your want to live when moving to Canada. While provinces like Ontario and British Columbia are perfect for people who wish to live in big cities, some prefer the laidback outlook of Nova Scotia and Alberta. Quebec offers a blend of both, making it a perfect choice as well. However, it is dominated by French culture and is unique from the rest of Canada in its own way.

4. Immigration rules

There are specific immigration rules for some provinces in Canada. So, getting visas can be more or less complicated accordingly. Depending on your career, financial condition, and lifestyle, some provinces might welcome you quickly, while some might make it hard. Moreover, Quebec has an entirely different immigration policy, and fitting into the same is distinctive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cheapest province to live in Canada?

While the province of Quebec lays down its own set of rules to allow immigrants to get Canada PR, it has consistently been the cheapest province in terms of cost of living. With comparatively low rent, subsidized child care facilities, and low electricity prices, the national average is more than the cost of living in Quebec.

What is the happiest province to live in Canada?

According to the Relative Happiness Index (RHI) in Canada, New Brunswick ranks the highest with 78.60 points. Other provinces that follow are Newfoundland with 78.40, Prince Edouard Island with 76.60, and Ontario with 76.10 points.

Which province in Canada has the cheapest cost of living?

The province of Quebec is the cheapest in terms of the cost of living in Canada. The most affordable city in the area is Sherbrooke. Located in the southern part of the province, this city is 20.81% cost-effective compared to Toronto. The overall cost of living is 13% lower than a city like Montreal.

What cultural differences exist between Canada’s provinces?

When taking past settlement and colonization into account, Canada became a cosmopolitan country. The country’s foundation is primarily a mixture of cultures from British, French, and indigenous people. The indigenous societies reflect the people of the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis.

Which province in Canada has the best weather?

The province of British Columbia has the best weather in Canada. It records the highest average temperature when compared to the entire nation. With an average of 7.6 degrees Celsius daily high and 1.5 degrees Celsius daily low, this province offers the ideal climate to dwell in. The coldest temperature is during January.

Which province in Canada has better IT or Computer Science job opportunities?

The province of Ontario is the hub for IT and Computer Science. Immigrants looking for job opportunities in these fields prefer obtaining a Canada PR to live here. With more than 403,067 employees working in this sector, it is usually the primary goal for ICT professionals. Ontario is followed by Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta regarding job opportunities in this industry.

Which province in Canada has the most agriculture?

The Prairie Provinces in Canada, located in the western part of the country, dominate agricultural opportunities. Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba are three provinces that fall under Canadian Prairie, offering enormous opportunities for agriculture. Saskatchewan tops them all as it is the largest crop-producing province. It made a record of possessing 46.8% of the national field crop area in 2016.

Which Canadian province is closest to the United States?

The province of British Columbia is the closest to the United States and shares two international borders with the country. The northwest part of British Columbia is closest to Alaska, while from west to east, it is closest to Washington, Montana, and Idaho.

Which is the best province in Canada to have kids?

The province of Quebec is the most family-friendly place for Canadian immigrants. Quebec City marks the top spot due to brilliant healthcare facilities, affordable rent, and a low crime rate. These factors make it one of Canada’s most preferred places to have a family and raise children.

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