Provincial Nominee Program

Different provinces, as well as territories in Canada, can nominate candidates who wish to migrate to Canada and show their interest in settling in a particular province under the ‘Provincial Nominee Programs’ (PNPs). The provinces and territories in Canada have designed their unique immigration streams according to their specific requirements. They can nominate candidates who qualify under their program of ‘Base Provincial Nomination.’

Moreover, all Canadian provinces at least have one of their streams of immigration that falls under the category of PNP collaboration with the Express Entry program of selection from the federal government. These immigration streams are ‘Enhanced’ streams of nomination (also known as nomination streams that are Express Entry Based). The candidates nominated under these streams receive 600 extra points in their scoring under the Comprehensive Ranking System.

It is a challenging task for you to select the best immigration path from above 45 PNP immigration streams. Here, you get the relevant information about all the PNPs gathered in one place.

Important Updates

18 September 2019: The Saskatchewan province has extended its list of occupations in-demand related to Express Entry and In-Demand Categories of Occupations.

26 July 2019: The Express Entry Program of New Brunswick is presently receiving Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from the candidates all the following criteria of submission.

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