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Canada Immigration Glossary contains terms about Canada Immigration that you must know if you are looking to move to Canada whether as a student, a working professional, or anything else.

In your immigration process, you will come across these terms.


Academic Program

Post-secondary students migrating to Canada for higher studies can choose from hundreds of Academic Programs. Every program has unique requirements like coursework, projects, examinations, etc. Students will receive academic credentials only when they successfully pass the Degree they applied for.

Accompanying Family Member

Accompanying Family Member represents the person an immigrant can bring along once they have received permanent residence. The people allowed under this immigration policy include spouse or common-law partner, dependent child, or child dependent on the partner. Parents, grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, or other relatives cannot be accompanying family members.

Adequate Knowledge of Canada

Adequate Knowledge of Canada refers to having proficiency in English and/or French, which are the official languages of the country. Knowing how to read, write, and understand these two languages are essential eligibility criteria for reducing or increasing points when filling out a PR form.


An annulment is a document signed by a couple to state that their marriage is no longer valid. The laws of Canada state that annulment is provided when one or both parties were not in a physical, mental, or emotional state to get legally wedded.

Application for Leave and Judicial Review

If an applicant receives a document from IRCC but deems to have found errors, they may apply to the Federal Court of Canada to resolve the error. The Application for Leave and Judicial Review allows an applicant to have the mistake reviewed and fixed. The court then reads and reviews the error, and if found, the IRCC has to send a fresh response to the immigrant’s application.



Canadian Experience Class (CEC) includes all immigrants who come under the skilled workers category in Canada. An individual needs at least one year of experience working in Canada to go under the category. An immigrant who gained Canadian work experience with a temporary resident status can also receive this authorization and accessibility.

Counterfoil Document

Counter Document is like a stamp placed on a passport that gives an immigrant similar access as a visitor visa or an entry visa. Having this document allows a non-resident to pass through the Canadian port of entry. However, the individual will be further examined before granting desired access.


EE – Letter of Employment

It is a job offer letter an immigrant receives from a Canadian employer. It records the fact that the appointee is a temporary worker and includes the details of the job role. The letter must consist of remuneration, deductions, job duties, and condition of employment such as hours of work, remote/onsite job, etc.



Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) is a position an immigrant can fill to attain permanent residency based on their education, language ability (English/French), and work experience. One year of minimum work experience in the past twelve years is necessary to apply under an Express Entry program. To have eligibility under this category, the total point grid must be at least 67 out of 100.


IMM 5669 Schedule A Declaration

Immigrants fill out form IMM 5669 Schedule A Background Declaration to apply for family sponsorship. The application can be for spouses, dependent children, and common-law partners.



NOC stands for National Occupation Classification, and NOC 0 refers to skill level 0. Having NOC 0 will alternatively mean entry-level skills for Canadian immigration jobs like management occupations. Senior managers, mine managers, restaurant managers, etc., fall under this category.



Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) pays for health services that a resident may require. For an immigrant to have this facility, one must be a Canadian citizen or have immigration status ruled under Ontario’s Health Insurance Act. If an immigrant has a permanent home in Ontario or has been physically present for over 153 days within the past 12 months from application, they can be eligible to have an OHIP.



Post-Graduation Work Permit Program is a document issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to students graduating under the approved program of study from a credible post-secondary Canadian institution. The study program must include eligibility to apply for PGWP, and the students must apply to IRCC within 90 days of completing their program. The permit receiver has access and eligibility to work legally in Canada.

Physical Presence Calculation

If an immigrant has an approved PR application, they can apply for Canadian citizenship after a period of time spent in the country. To determine the eligibility criteria, they can use the Physical Presence Calculator.

Physical Presence Calculation is done with the help of a virtual calculator that requires immigrants to automatically add necessary data to calculate their credibility.

Processing Times

Processing times refer to the period taken by authorities to process an application. The time is calculated according to when the application was submitted. The processing time includes how long an immigrant needs to wait until the appeal is accepted or rejected. Factors that can vary processing time depend on the date of application submission, completion of the application, verification, etc.

Pre-service arrival letter

Immigrants can have access to in-person and online services if their PR application is approved and if they are outside of Canada. Apart from these two, receiving a pre-service arrival letter from the Canadian immigration authorities confirms such access. The letter confirms that an immigrant and allowed family members can come to the country to prepare for their life in Canada.

Proof of Funds

Proof of Funds means showcasing the proof that you have enough money to settle in Canada if you are accepted to enter Canada.