We have a high success rate on approval of Visitors visa for our clients.  We provide step by step guidance on the documents required and to meet the eligibility criteria.

Following are some of the important things to be considered while applying for Visitor’s visa:

  • The purpose of your visit and duration of stay
  • Your ties to your home country
  • Proof of funds in form of bank statements
  • Travel History – countries travelled in the past and if met all visa regulations
  • An invitation letter from a Canadian host who could be either your friend/family member
  • If visiting as a tourist, hotel reservations
  • Proof that your sponsor  if any meets minimum income threshold,
  • Medical exam for age 65 years and older only if requested by visa officer

We have helped many clients whose previous visas have been declined to successfully reapply and get approved by providing the right documents and information.

We also process Super Visas for parents and grandparents of permanent residents and Canadian Citizens in Canada.

Contact us for more information and we will be happy to assist you.